Blackfoot 2012

“Rewind back to 1979, you hear FM staples like “Train, Train” and “Highway Song” and profess your love for Southern rock and the dudes that are hammering these tunes out of the radio. One such musician, Rickey Medlocke, who wrote said songs and formed said band, Blackfoot, and now plays for the end-all-be-all of rock from the south, Lynyrd Skynyrd, has now become an impresario of sorts for the sound he helped create. Hoping to find a new audience to revel in smokin’ guitar solos and wave the confederate flag, Medlocke has enlisted a hearty bunch of young men to carry the torch for Blackfoot.

For the kids just getting into diapers in the late 80′s, this band exposes them to a genre perhaps their daddies told only them about. Loud, raucous and irreverent with a twang, rock ‘n’ roll served southern style is as outlaw as it comes. What better to entice this generation of troubled youth? Modeled after Blackfoot’s live band of the early 80′s, these young guns look the part, flowing blonde locks and all. But even more impressive, these guys sound the part… precisely. Guitar-led rock lyrically-driven by the stories of authentic America is what grabs you about this Blackfoot, and what caught all of our attention more than 30 years ago. Featuring members hand-picked by Medlocke, this is his baby and he’s just born a wild child! Stay tuned for new tunes too under the Blackfoot moniker, sure to please the rebel in all of us.”

~Michelle Picardo~


Review from FREETIME Magazine

“Blackfoot was a fierce, rock/blues band that burned up the charts for several years in the late 1970’s/early1980’s.  Their southern roots showcased streaks of southern rock but was centered on balls-to-the-wall rock.  With songs such as “Train, Train,” “Highway Song” and “Wishing Well,” they created blistering, memorable rock and roll.

Flash forward to 2012.  Founding member and “father ” Rickey Medlocke is guiding the next version of Blackfoot as mentor, producer and driving force.  Just like old blues masters such as John Lee Hooker passed the baton from generation to generation, Lynyrd Skynyrd from brother to brother and the Allman Brothers from father to son, Medlocke is passing the tradition on to what could be called his musical stepsons: Philip Shouse, Tim Rossi, Brian Carpenter and Christopher Williams, the new line up of Blackfoot.  They spit out fierce versions of band classics such as “Train, Train” and “Highway Song.”   Together,  they are focused, powered and skilled.  With a fortified wall of guitar sound propelled by a persistent drum attack, they are determined to introduce Blackfoot to a new nation.”

~Scott Gudell~